The Power To Do Things WISER

WISER Technology Makes Mobile Applications that help you work smarter and automate key reporting needs and requirements

Fully Integrated Platform

No need to keep manual notes, multiple logins or other things to slow you down. WISER (and all its platforms) are fully integrated and put the power to get things done in your hand.

User Friendly

Designed to help you get things done fast, our platforms work to remove repeition and waste from your daily to do list.


We’re here to help you every step of the way!

WISER Design

Designed to get business done and keep you moving

Fast Reporting

Reports run wicked fast and are delivered to your email quickly.


Whether you’re on iPhone, Android or a Windows-based device, WISER’s apps are cross-platform and ready to support you wherever you are.
About Our App

Your Success is Our Success

Our apps are designed to be easy to use and automate functions educators spend hundreds of hours a month manually doing.

Built For Success

WISER’s Apps are built around optimizing educator’s workflows and maintaing informational integrity.

Reports & Analytics.

Our platform makes reporting a breeze! No more manual logs, hard to read handwriting, and difficult to tabulate. We eliniate the 5-10 hours week educators manually spend keeping records!

Powerful Out Of The Box

WISER’s Apps are ready to make an impact on your daily routine.

Ready for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows

It’s Awesome

Wherever you are, whatever you use, WISER has your back!

Powerful Features

Cross-platform consistency means using WISER on your phone will follow the same process as any other device.
Ready to get WISER

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Is your school, school district or school system ready to partner with WISER to gain back more time in a day? Get in touch with us below and we’ll be in touch within the next business day.

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